How A Chin Hair Made Me Cry

Funny enough, it was finding a chin hair in the mirror the other morning that finally had me in tears.

You know how, sometimes, you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on your To-Do List, and you wonder how you’ll find the time to get it all done and not let any of the balls drop and all you can do is cry while your husband stares at you like you grew a third head?
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Too Much Sex

I never thought I’d see the day I’d write those words: “Too Much Sex”. It feels like something has died a little inside… which is why I am making the important clarification between the act, and the adjective.

We’re talking “adjective” today, people.
Call off your mob.

To that end, BuzzFeed Video recently did something… I don’t know, I’ll go with “pretty cool”. I’d give them an A for effort, at least. Continue reading

Not-So-Hottie-Body Days

I like to think that I have a preeeeeeeetty healthy self-esteem.
I love myself, I like myself, I don’t shy away from speaking my mind (internally and to others) about the physical things I enjoy about my body (Boobs! Hips! Jiggle-Belly!), and I definitely geek out when one of my kids curls up on me and plays with my jiggly arms.
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