I Can Haz YouTube!

Turns out, even with all these newfangdangled ways to stay ‘connected’ with each other and meet new people out in the world, sometimes you just need to look into someone’s eyes when they’re talking to you.

… okay, so, this is really more of a “look into someone’s recorded eyes”, but still.
It’s a start. Don’t judge me.

This first video just so happens to be all about my Dare to BE challenge. I wanted to find a way to communicate even more clearly just how much I want to help you, or someone you know, face a fear and overcome it.

I plan on releasing vlog updates on a fairly regular basis, with one of the next ones when I am ready to show you all the photos from my Dare to BE: Boudoir challenge… which should be in the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime, what would *you* like to see?

Hugs and Subscribes,

Your Best Body Is…

Unless you are the actual embodiment (disembodiment?) of Patrick Swayze’s role in “Ghost”, chances are you have a body. And you live in it. A lot of the time. Hopefully. (Oh, man… please don’t be a ghost.)

So, we’ve established that you are not, in fact, without a body… and that the body you inhabit is yours (no body-snatching, skin-wearing, or possession allowed, thanks). That means that you are highly qualified to participate in this conversation, as a human.

Now we can move on.
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IMMEDIATE FOLLOW-UP POST: Opposite of “Frexting”!

Yesterday, I was all about the frext; that delightful new term that is all about sending flirty, would-normally-classify-as-sexting-if-it-weren’t-sent-to-your-BFFs pictures via text/instant photo sharing (like Snapchat), that open the sender up to encouragement, compliments, support and empowerment.

Well, the world hath come full circle today, lovelies, and it is a sad, sad thing.

Let me ‘splain:
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I Wanna Frext You Up!

No matter your size, orientation, gender or space-occupied-on-the-spectrum-of-‘human’, I’d bet good money you’ve felt insecure or less-than-confident at some point in your time on this planet.

I’d also wager that you’ve solicited a compliment from a friend.
Don’t be!

Fish for those compliments, baby!

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February: Body Positivity Month!

February is (unofficially) “Body Positivity Month”!

Body Positive February

Because I just found this, and want to catch up, here are the first four items on the list. Be sure to participate and spread the love; for those who take part, I’ll be choosing one of you to receive an amazing goodie bag!

1. Write about why you want to do this challenge:
– I want to do this challenge to develop an all-encompassing view of what it means to be body positive. It isn’t only about your size, it’s about your health, how you see yourself, how you allow how others see you to impact your self-worth, etc., and I want to get better at that.

2. Selfie:

It's-a Me, Krystal!

It’s-a Me, Krystal!

3. Write three nice things about your body:
– My height is fantastic.
– I have a great, feminine silhouette.
– My body has grown and carried multiple (!) babies!

4. Write three nice things about you that aren’t physical:
– I can be incredibly goofy.
– I love deeply and authentically.
– Those I love, know that I love them.

Sorry, Bro, I’m Not Your Fetish

There seem to be three modi operandi of male interaction with the fat female body.

Shame & Blame It
When I started at my new job a couple of months ago, I posted on Facebook about the repeated interactions harassment that would take place in the office parking lot. I work at a location that shares parking with college classes, apprenticeships, manufacturing professionals and tradesmen – basically, my kind of people. Unfortunately, a group of guys that would take their smoke break around the time I would be walking to my car decided to test that theory.
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Power! Get Yer Power, Here!

Yesterday, I discovered an amazing opportunity. Tess Munster, a fantastic example of humanity (not to mention Plus-Size Model, Make Up Artist, Body Positive Activist and Blogger based in L.A.)is teaming up with Dynamite Dames Photography in San Francisco, California for a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot.

Now, of course I was excited – what plus size modeling hopeful wouldn’t be??
What I didn’t count on was feeling guilty.
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I’m The Biggest He’s Ever Dated?!

… and it took me a while to be okay with that statement.

I mean, hey – I am down with my size. I happen to love my size, in fact, and as you know I fully intend to tone it up before rounding it out a bit more. Still, his statement brought a crashing wave of unexpected emotions.

"Um... thank... you...?"

“Um… thank… you…?”

I didn’t know whether to feel elated –


– or whether I should/did feel deflated, somehow. Shocked. Embarrassed. Ashamed.
Hurt, even.
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