*Guest Post* 100-Day Challenge!

Last week, I put a call/challenge/plea out on my Facebook page asking for Guest Bloggers who would be interested in sharing their experiences fighting the fight against All Things Expected Of Their Bodies / Body Type.

The level of response was incredible!

About our Guest Blogger

Of course I knew that, of everyone who wanted to tell their story, my BFF would come through first.
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IMMEDIATE FOLLOW-UP POST: Opposite of “Frexting”!

Yesterday, I was all about the frext; that delightful new term that is all about sending flirty, would-normally-classify-as-sexting-if-it-weren’t-sent-to-your-BFFs pictures via text/instant photo sharing (like Snapchat), that open the sender up to encouragement, compliments, support and empowerment.

Well, the world hath come full circle today, lovelies, and it is a sad, sad thing.

Let me ‘splain:
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I Wanna Frext You Up!

No matter your size, orientation, gender or space-occupied-on-the-spectrum-of-‘human’, I’d bet good money you’ve felt insecure or less-than-confident at some point in your time on this planet.

I’d also wager that you’ve solicited a compliment from a friend.
Don’t be!

Fish for those compliments, baby!

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