*Guest Post* 100-Day Challenge!

Last week, I put a call/challenge/plea out on my Facebook page asking for Guest Bloggers who would be interested in sharing their experiences fighting the fight against All Things Expected Of Their Bodies / Body Type.

The level of response was incredible!

About our Guest Blogger

Of course I knew that, of everyone who wanted to tell their story, my BFF would come through first.

I mean, this is only the woman I met online, embarassingly fan-girl’ed all over, bonded with, learned how to teach self-defense classes from, fed a couple hundred of homeless individuals in San Diego with, learned how to conduct safe needle pickups from, totally fell in love with (don’t worry, she knows), filmed a documentary with by driving across the country, went on Girls Vacations with, went to Hawaii with, had perform my wedding ceremony, and then named my daughter after.

You know, NO BIGGIE.
OF COURSE she’d come through.

Rock N Roll - Challenge

Rock N Roll – Leader of the California Initiative, and my BFF… there’s nothing she *doesn’t* challenge!

Rock N Roll” is the leader of the California Initiative, a prominent member of the Real Life Super Heroes (RLSH) movement, published author, ass-kicking rockstar (not kidding, you guys), hopeless do-good’er, and so much more. If you’d like to learn more about her, and you really should, then check out her Facebook page and website.

Enough of my blither-blather (there’s more of it at the end of this post, anyway)! Here’s Rock N Roll’s “100 Day Challenge” post!

I woke up today thinking that I would have to kick someone’s ass.

This isn’t part of my usual routine, no. I’m as morning-person as they come. In fact, I’m so happy in the mornings that my family doesn’t invite me to sleep over anymore. You think they’d appreciate someone bouncing on their bed while singing, “Good morning to you!” At 7AM. Damn unappreciative lot, I tell you.

But today I knew that I was beginning my 100-day challenge, and I knew that Diamond Dallas Page would be yelling at me. Not a good combo, especially on a Friday morning. Fridays, after all, are for Hawaiian shirts and casual half-assed days at the office. This type of self-imposed torture is usually reserved for Mondays. Nope. We promised ourselves that we were going to start this challenge on the day after we received our DDP Yoga items in the mail. Part of me hoped they’d get lost in the mail, the other part couldn’t wait to begin. I’m a true Sybil when it comes to my fitness regiment. Most days I’m all for a healthier lifestyle, but on certain days (i.e. when my family is over, when I’m out with friends, when I’ve had a tough day) I’m Cookie Monster and Paula Deen rolled into one.

So why the 100-day challenge? First of all, I’m 53. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me. I look like I’m in my 30’s. This isn’t bragging; I’m Filipino and Irish and most Filipinos (if they haven’t trashed their bodies at a young age) look much younger than they really are. But even though I look younger, my body is telling me to get real. I’ve been in decent shape for most of my life, but I’ve also been losing a battle with this extra 30 lbs. for that same amount of time. I like the way I look, so this battle isn’t fueled by vanity, it’s fueled by fear. My parents both had heart disease; my dad had a double bypass at the age of 45 and my mother died of a heart attack at 65. While they both smoked and ate terribly and never exercised, I can’t deny the fact that this heart disease runs in my genes, too. Add to it that I’m currently going from perimenopause into full-blown menopause and you’ve got my current daily motivation to do something.

I should state for the record that I eat well (most of the time), I exercise (moderately, at least three days a week) and I teach free self-defense classes, so I’m a tad more limber than most of my friends, BUT I’m gaining weight (without eating more!!) I’m suffering from insomnia almost nightly, and I’m feeling very … uncomfortable in my skin. These are symptoms of menopause, and while my acupuncturist/herbalist/RN lady is doing what she can to help me out holistically, it’s become abundantly clear that I need to step it up and do more for myself or this feeling of unease can easily slide into a downward spiral.

I first learned of the 100-day challenge by watching someone’s video on Facebook. The creator wanted to learn how to dance and filmed herself once a day for 100 days. In the video, which is only two minutes long, she shows highlights from days 1, 30, 80, and finally ends with a dance routine in a train station. It’s pretty inspiring. It’s also gone viral, very viral. She’s since started an organization dedicated to inspiring others to “give it 100 days,” and thousands have taken her up on that challenge (www.giveit100.com). Some of her fan’s videos are featured in the website. Most inspiring to me are the woman who went to the gym for 100 days and the man who practiced sweep-picking on his guitar (neither were easy feats).

I chose to go with three 100-day challenges of my own. Why three? Mainly because there are dozens of goals that I’d love to reach in 100 days, but learning to speak another language, improving my guitar skills, and getting physically stronger and leaner were the three that I couldn’t decide between, so I didn’t. Besides, if I fail at two, chances are, I’ll succeed at the one. Why DDP Yoga? Again, I saw a video on Facebook (sensing a theme here?) and if you’ve seen Arthur, the disabled paratrooper and his story, you know why. If you haven’t, look it up. Watch it and be inspired.

I mentioned that I’m 53. Most of the friends I had in high school are friends on Facebook. Call me a jerk, but I just want to know what happened to most of them. When did getting older mean giving up? I’m all for being comfortable with who you are at any age, at any size, but here’s the caveat – if you’re going to publicly bitch and moan about how bad you feel, about what’s not working physically, and mostly about how it sucks to get old, while doing nothing to forward your own physical progress, I’m going to have to tell you to shut the hell up. Have some personal accountability, or just zip your lip. Growing older is not about avoiding eye shadow or mini skirts, it’s not about sinking into your chair and watching TV all day, day after day. It’s about taking all the experiences you’ve had, all the knowledge you’ve gained and learning to live the second half of your life fearlessly, on your terms.

So day one is here and I’ve finished the first DDP Yoga workout. Diamond Dallas Page is as motivating as I thought a pro wrestler would be, and he’s ripped as hell. The guy is almost 60 and he still looks like he could take down men half his age.  My body feels worked out and my spirit feels strong. No asses were kicked but my own. Let’s see how I feel by day four …


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Because I can’t read a post like this and not be inspired, I have decided to start my own 100-Day Challenge, starting… well, today. I start today.

My Goal
It is my goal to treat my body the way it deserves to be treated.

What That Looks Like
Every day, I will engage in something designed to increase strength, improve flexibility, enhance rest, and/or optimize nutrition and hydration.
I will take pictures, record videos, and blog/post to Facebook & Instagram to monitor my progress.

What That Doesn’t Look Like
There will be no weighing – not before, not during, not after.
There will be no restrictive eating – I didn’t believe in it before this, I don’t believe in it now.
There will be no comparison to others – I am doing this to feel better in my own skin, in my own life.

If you, too, would like to take part in your very own 100-Day Challenge alongside of me, I encourage you to do so! It’s a great way to take small, manageable steps towards accomplishing a larger goal… and it gives you yet another excuse to post selfies. (What? That’s a total perk for me.) Here is a great website to help you come up with some ideas, even!  If you decide to take part in your very own 100-Day Challenge, be sure to tag your pictures with #BE100Days (for me!), and #GiveIt100 (the original, worldwide tag for these challenges).

I can’t wait to see your progress!


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