Dare to BE: Boudoir

Remember being “double-dog dared” to do something?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I issued you – Oh Interweb World – the biggest double-dog dare I could think of:

“If you tell me what it is you feel you can’t do, or are too scared / self-conscious to try, I will do it… but then you have to promise to do it, too.

… and report on my experience for everyone to see (pictures, YouTube videos, blog posts and all).”

I shared it around Facebook and begged my friends and family to participate.

I sent personalized emails, tailored messages, and stopped just short of sending singing telegrams to get it up-and-running…

That’s why I am so very very VERY happy to announce that I have my very first Dare to BE challenge to announce!

Dare to BE: Boudoir Photo Shoot

I received this online submission:

“I’ve always seen photos from boudoir photo shoots and thought that if I had a better body or “got skinny” I would love to try one. For me it’s more than just finding a photographer I’m comfortable with or being able to afford it. It’s a matter of just NOT feeling like I’m sexy or the type of person who does that.”

I immediately got to work, and started researching local photographers. Now that I’ve booked one, it’s time to start my vlog and tell you all about the process as it unfolds!

Oh, you didn’t know?
I totally have a YouTube channel: Bigger Expectations… it just so happens to not have any videos on it just yet. This will be the first!

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So, stay tuned! Oh, and send me your challenges!

I dare you,

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