About to Pop: A Big, Fat Pregnancy Pt. 2!


Now that the end is very much in sight, and I’ve gotten most of the whining out of my system, I should be sitting back and enjoying the last little bit of my pregnancy. I should be nesting and cooking and lounging and napping. I should be looking positively adorable in maxi dresses and teeny-tiny bikinis that highlight my very-there ‘bump.

I should…
I should…
I should…

So many “should’s”.

Even after my last post brought in more conversation, and brought in the most views of any other of my topics, I still have that frame of mind more often than not:

The belief that I should feel a certain way because I am experiencing a certain thing.

The Seattle LesbianHell, my post was picked up by The Seattle Lesbian (a daily online newspaper operating from offices in the Pacific Northwest, and reaching communities spanning continents around the world) and started even more conversations than I knew what to do with, hitting me in the ol’ feels more times than I can count… and still…

This doesn’t tell me that I’ve failed, it tells me that I’m not alone.
This tells me that there are thousands (thousands!) of other women and men who aren’t just struggling with the “I should’s” but who are ready to take their “should’s” back into their ownership.
I know this sounds corny, but this tells me that no matter how loud the diet and exercise industry yells, or how flashy and compelling their marketing, we can still hear ourselves if we stop to take a breath.

So, what’s next?

Be on the lookout for a new edition of the Mini-Mag! It will be chock-full of the stuff that I want to see more of in magazines… and I hope you’ll agree.

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Ditching the ‘Should’,

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